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Written By: Tes Barnett

The Mission
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Runway Life International is a Fashion Magazine that brings its readers a broad range of Fashion from all continents of the world, unifying the many great talents that share an equal passion.  This Magazine gives the opportunity for individuals to be seen and recognized for their talents and contributions to the huge world of fashion. We broadcast information in a high quality media which is appreciated by those who take notice to the finer things in Life.

Runway Life International is on a mission to becoming a fashion magazine that is accepted in all households. The mantra we live by is, “Out of many we are one”. The Name of the Magazine is self-explanatory, your life via the runways of the world: Fashion, Industry, Lifestyle, Travel and Luxury. Everyone knows the big name brands, now it’s time to get to know Runway Life International.


Runway Life International will deliver to readers a consistent flow of personal and in-depth stories as we go behind the fame and fortune of the many designers of the world. What are the special ingredients used in the creating of their collection?  We embrace the good and the bad times, and the challenges that are faced in becoming successful with the making of their brands. Some of the designers have circumstances that most could never imagine.

Runway Life International also reports on the Movers and shakers of the Industry. The Producers of Fashion show events, the agents, the model managers, the makeup artist, the hair stylist and also the show volunteers. The volunteers who become well known for their dedicated services that they provide to assist in making shows become a success. Runway Life International publishes special reports of the lifestyles of those who become famous in the Fashion Industry whether there are models, dancers, artists, actors or in any of the fashion/entertainment fields.

Runway Life International feels that it’s also very important to speak to their readers about the wide variety of travel spots that these great designers are originally located and residing. We highlight views of their countries in conjunction with the beauty, resources and the wonderful reasons to visit these exotic places. Giving readers awesome pictures and images of the most unique and breathtaking countries.


Runway Life International wants to fully inform readers of the nicest places to visit, wine and dine, and places to stay.  Our Advertisers have some of the freshest and innovative products locally and internationally. We report on the hottest Hotels, Villas, Spa’s, salons and healthy new technology like Kryomed.  Feature stories consist of topics about coffee the second most popular beverage, cars vs. fashion, children & fashion and the manufacturing perspective of the Fashion Industry.


Runway Life International is truly making its mark in the Fashion magazine community. It is deeply rooted in the Industry because of its Publisher’s long and established background as an International Fashion Photographer. Some of his niche areas have always been runway, journalism and travel. Dedicated businesses man his self; will always add the necessary professionalism to the publication.

Each of our Magazine editions is celebrated with an all-inclusive networking party where all of the featured story people and advertisers in the magazine come together. They meet, greet and celebrate as one with the satisfaction of the publishing of their talent, products etc.

Publisher -n- chief:

Tes Barnett, M.A.

Office: Queens, New York  (USA)

Runway Life International LLC.


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